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Signed pics of Carlos and Victor from Los Mis last night in Murcia :D

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Friendly Reminder…


You don’t have to know every cast member or every song.

You don’t have to know the year it opened or any subsequent revival.

You don’t have to know the composer, the director or the set designer.

And you don’t have to have seen the show live. 

There is no criteria for liking a show. If you consider yourself a fan, then you are. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

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do you ever see spoilers for a show you don’t watch anymore and just 


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  glee  spn


if you ever try to befriend me and you expect to be in frequent contact with me i am so sorry. i do that with maybe two people and even then i often go days or weeks withouts saying anything before talking daily for a while. 

the point is if we dont talk that doesnt mean i dont like u and think about u a lot im just terrible at maintaining close relationships

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Lets not forget this joke was made before the UN actually decieded to do this

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I just realized all of us are Victors!! 😱

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youatthebarrigaylistentothis & losamigosdelabc tags about los mis cast give me life

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meet the wonderful los miserables tour cast!

Víctor Arbelo - swing and u/s Marius and Enjolras
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musical theatre fandom be like

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Tbh money would solve all of my problems right now like I could move out and pay for school and take care of my mental health and overall I would just be happy and in a better place so I get really annoyed when people are like “money can’t make you happy” uh you obviously never experienced financial instability and dependence so please shut the fuck up you pretentious shit.

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you look like jenny lee lindenberg... (good thing)
- Anonymous

Oh I never heard of her before but I just googled her and she’s hella cute, so thank you!!

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yoohoopuddin said:AYAYAYAYAYYA!!!


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hi so just here to say that you're super cute and any person that is doing the dating thing with you is super lucky~
- harleenquinzelsaywhut

Oh my thank you very much, you’re adorable!!

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